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So you have a Career Satisfaction Issue?

Which word in the title captivated you more? Statistics or Emotional. Both are needed to address your concern.

By nature, I love to do two things: Analyse & Categorize; and yes, in that order. As a rule, I don't park in the seemingly mundane world of mathematics. However I usually do when it supports my real focus of helping people get a grip on their World of Work.

So What Are the Career Satisfaction Statistics?

Back in 2000 when I was in College for my Career Counselor course, I was blown away when I heard the numbers. Perhaps (or not) they will surprise you. Out of every 10 people:

  • 3 are always looking for another job
  • 3 are considering looking for another job
  • 3 want to look for another job but lack the courage to move forward
  • 1 is content & happy with their career.

What this is saying is that 90% of people in varying degrees have career issues. Only 10% are have Career Satisfaction. I admit, I couldn't believe it but stats don't lie. Those stats are very similar to the numbers from a Gallup Pole posted in a recent Forbes article. The Gallup numbers are based on the feedback from 230,000 people in 142 countries. That is a very large sampling. It shows that 87% were dissatisfied with their work while only 13% had Career Satisfaction.

On January 21st, 2015, our local newspaper, the Ottawa Sun posted an article called 'New Year's Resolution: Improve Job Satisfaction'. This article digs a little deeper identifying three factors for those that took the plunge and made the life changing decision to make a career shift. It was life changing because:

  • 86% identified new skills they were able to use
  • 80% found work that was more meaningful
  • 70% had an increase in pay

What Do These Statistics Mean 'Emotionally'

So let's consider the emotional impact of what we have just referenced. Listen to the language. Even the words Career Satisfaction had an emotional bend to it. Each word either directly or indirectly has something to do with a feeling.

  • Satisfaction - A positive emotion that indicates internal peace and contentment
  • Dissatisfaction - A negative emotion that creates unsettledness
  • New Skills - In this context, the positivity of new opportunity and a move away from boredom
  • Meaningful - Supports our need for significance. We ALL need to feel we have made a contribution
  • Increased Income - I have never seen a person unhappy that they got a raise. It is a tangible reward for efforts given.

Here is a Little Test

So what am I trying to say? Unless you chose to read this post or visit because you had someone else in mind, you are reading this because you are part of the 87 - 90% who are struggling with work related issues. Check off the statements below you relate to:

  1.   Do you 'drag yourself out of bed' to go to work day in and day out?
  2.   Do you live for long weekends, holidays and days off?
  3.   Do you resent the career path you chose?
  4.   Do the responsibilities of life make you feel trapped in your current work and a shift doesn't seem possible?
  5.   Do you get frustrated thinking about work hours that are too long and the pay so low?
  6.   Do you believe you have so much more to offer than what you are doing?
  7.   Do you leave work with the words 'insignificant' and 'meaningless' on your mind?

Even if you only related to one of the seven statements, you 'do' have an employability issue. Unless dealt with, this will only grow. Your desperation to take action will be in proportion to the number of the above statements you identified as yours. The higher the number, the greater the need to do something about it. And this leads to our last point…

What are you going to do about it?

Listen up! I know where you have been. I know where you are. I have been there. I feel your pain. So what are you going to do? is designed for you. On it you will find…

  • Lots of free content and training that will give base level support
  • A place to sign up for a Free 8 video course which will help you think in terms of Career Satisfaction
  • An inexpensive training program full of great material on Self-Assessment that you do from the comfort of your home and on your own timeline
  • 3 Levels of Membership Sites (in the near future) which will walk you through at a much higher level an in-depth journey to help you understand why you have got to the point in life as well as giving you tools to help you make some decisions that once acted on, can improve your World of Work.

I strongly suggest you take now! If you don't you may read this in a year and 'nothing' will have changed, for the positive anyway.

Clicking this link would be a great place to start

Click here to Get My Free Infographic and First Lesson of my eCourse, "The Seven Stages of Your Career Journey"

It would be an honor to see you there.



(Gallup/Forbes Article mentioned can be found here)

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