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Here you will find posts that will help you on your career journey.

A Career Story: Understanding the Risk Zone

Any Career Change or Shift Comes With a Risk. Here is the Story I know this is a story where the consequences are not really huge, but I tell it to illustrate my career point. We live in a rural town with a small grocery store. It is great for the basics,...

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Career Story: Outstanding or Out of Place

Simple career related illustrations show up in all kinds of places. It happened to me once again just the other day. We live in a small rural town of 1500 people about 45 minutes outside of Canada's capital, Ottawa. Several years ago, the powers-that-be really tried...

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Does Your Career Have A Slow Leak?

A Mini Holiday, a Tire Issue and a Career Lesson Here is a recent personal story that will help you out in your career. I've been driving for about 40 years. In all that time, I don't really recall having a problem with tires... Until recently! To be...

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Choosing A Career? Getting The Right Help

So You Need Help Choosing a Career? I if it was yesterday...the day I had my first visit with this career specialist who was to assist me in one of the most important decisions of my life.  Choosing a career, a new one, an unexpected path for...

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Career Advice For Students - A Story

Sometimes when you are getting Career Advice, the best lessons come from those that have been on the job for a while. There is value in hearing the decisions that were made and how those decisions impacted not only their career but ultimately...

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