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Learn More About Murray & Career Fit For You!

To Teach You A

“Career Management System”

This Will Not Only Help You NOW, But

Will Be a Tool to Manage Your Career

From the Point You Learn it, Forward

Mother Company of CFFY

Mother Company of CFFY

The CareerfitForYou (CFFY) website is a direct off shoot of my primary bricks & mortar business call ‘Life Concepts’ ( a workplace focused business that began in January 2001. Life Concepts had a threefold focus…

  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Career…

The three being a natural fit due to their support of one another.

  • Teams need Leaders
  • Leaders work with teams
  • Teams & Leadership are both aspects of career.
I decided to launch a separate career program using an online platform leaving Life Concepts as the platform for Leadership & Team group training. Career based Online Courses using personal video, PowerPoint, eBooks and other PDFs are the backbone of CareerFitForYou (Short form – CFFY). Here you can choose all or some courses, done at your speed and on your time so you can find or redefine your current World of Work.

As launches, behind it is:

  • A solid career counselling education,
  • Murray’s Personal Career Shifts & Transitions
  • Many years of career counselling experience with others, as well as
  • Exposure in companies and organization, in real time as people work through their employment matters one day at a time.

The CFFY Process is broken down into Three Main Sections:
1. The Foundation: Free eBook, the Webinar & Steps 1 – 4
Every house is built on a foundation that keeps it solid. Similarly, your career must be built on a foundation as well for the same reason.
• The FREE eBOOK helps you get started correctly, even before you begin your career search journey
• The VERY LOW COST Webinar helps you to begin to identify your problems that are creating your career issues
• Steps 1 – 3 are three mini courses, with each one teaching you a different concept to help you understand the overall process of Career Transition
• Step 4: The Final Foundational Step is a 9 Lesson Course that introduces you to 7 Stages of Your Career Journey. This helps you understand your starting point, what it I built on and where you are going.

Steps 1 through 4, especially Step 4, are extensive and offered as a paid program, a moderate one time cost compared to it’s value
2. The Transition: Step 5
It is called a Transition because it is the bridge between Sections 1 and 3. With the foundation laid in Section One, you are now able to build your house, or in your case, your career in Section Three.
• It explains the seven key concepts that are needed to build Your Career Management System
• This provides the roadmap for the third section of your career program
3. The Core Concepts: Steps 6 – 12
When released, this will be a Monthly Membership Program for each person to accomplish at their own pace
• Once completed you will have all that is necessary to manage your career from that point forward
• This concept of Career is excellent for managing your career over time within any given company, or to help you make the transition to a different career (in a different company or self employed) should your situation dictate a complete shift in direction.
• The Core Concepts is a process of thorough journey of self-discovery at many different levels which is why I say…

“Your Career is Inside of you waiting to be Discovered, nor outside of you hoping to be Found”
When you get this, all systems will be in place to Manage Your Career from that point forward

Career Fit For You Has an Amazing Future

Right Now the following are Good to Go

  • Free eBook: So You Hate Your Job and Want to Shift Now: Seven Things You Need to Know Before Your Do Anything
  • The Webinar will be made available once you have read the eBook
  • Steps 1 through 4 are complete and are on my Course Platform ready to be accessed

Step 5 has been created and is soon to be recorded and made available after Step 4

Steps 6 though 12 will begin rolling out in Late 2018/Early 2019

  • There may even be an early bird sign up rate
  • A program I am calling PRIME will be a bonus program for the first 100 people to jump on board. More details to follow

CFFY will be promoted on all types of Social Media but in particular, the CareerFitForYou Facebook Page already exists and the CareerFitForYou Facebook Group will be made available for those in Steps 6 though 12

About Murray Comber


I am a trained and qualified Career Consultant graduating with Honors with the Career & Work Consulting Diploma from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2000. Prior to that I was brought up in a minister’s home, pastored churches for 25 years myself before going in a different direction. My years in ministry allowed me to develop many skills that were transferred into what I do now. These were:

  • ‘One on One’ counselling
  • Small Group sessions
  • Large Group presentations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Project Management
  • Understanding & Working with People
  • Listening Skills
  • Situational Insight

These, my professional training, ongoing development along with my personal experience with career change & transition, have become the backbone of what I bring to the table when I work with clients. This is what drives the core of my training company, Life Concepts which began in January 2001. It is an organization created to develop both Team and Leadership within organizations as well as help employees find their career path.

On a personal note…I am a husband to Heather, a Father to two married children and a ‘Papa’ to four grandkids…all boys. I currently live in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, an industrial community that is well known for its live theatre, the Avon River and Swans.

Some of My Personal Favorites… Meals: Either Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding or Roast Leg of Lamb. Mint sauce with all the fresh vegetables that compliment Desserts: Pecan Pie, Cherry Chip Cake, Crème Caramel & Bread Pudding when good and moist Pastimes: Watching my hockey team of choice, the Montreal Canadiens in the winter. Going to shady beaches in the summer with my wife Heather. Enjoying nice restaurants Critique: I judge a restaurant by it’s Liver & Onions (I know… gross eh!), Rice Pudding & Coffee Car: I would pay less for a car (2 years old with low mileage) in favour of being a pilot so I believe my choice would be Volvo-C30-Back-End

a Volvo C30… I just love the look, especially the back end!


Another of my favorite cars: the Honda Accord. I owned one and put 562,000 km on it!


Falconar F12A

My Hobby: Wood Working of all types but… Especially on my full size experimental airplane project like this one His Biggest Goal & Absolute Passion: To get my pilots license. Chris, my Son in Law, a corporate pilot is ready to train me, as soon as I’m ready