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So, You Hate Your Job and Want to Shift NOW

6 Things You Must Be Aware of Before You Do Anything


Does This Quote Resonate With YOU?

It's a shame that people work decades in a career that, if they were start all over again, they simply wouldn't be there. In their World of Work, people often feel:


  • A dissatisfaction
  • A lack of fulfillment
  • An internal emptiness
  • A sense of living a wasted life
  • A longing for more

If so, I have a FREE gift, a short eBook to help you learn where to begin.

Learn the 6 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing Anything

Download this FREE eBook that will guide you on how to get started before making drastic changes in your World of Work!

Career Issues?

You can change that!

Do You Need a Complete Career Management System?

You can have that, too!

When I mention the Words ‘Your Career’, How do you feel?
Frustrated, Dissatisfied, Unfulfilled, Angry…What emotion do YOU put on it?
My passion is to help you get un-stuck in your career journey and find more enjoyment, fulfillment, and satisfaction in your work life.

Career Coaching can be Expensive!
I have a created a different starting point… easy-to-follow Career-based “PDF, Webinar & Video” courses to instruct and guide you in all matters pertaining to your World of Work. You will learn concepts so ‘You’ can understand and solve your career problems.
Based on my life of experience, I’ve developed this online course that can get you started more quickly in solving those work issues you are facing.

Has ANYONE ever taught you HOW to Manage Your Career?
I Will Teach You
A structured approach of how to manage your career going forward.

Are YOU ready to put YOU first?

My name is
Murray Comber,
and I'm a professionally trained
Career Consultant.

Learn more about me HERE!


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Career Help


If you need help with your 'World of Work',  you have come to the right place to get your career on track. Begin your journey right now. Click here to learn more.

Career Ideas


Does your mind go blank when you are thinking about a satisfying career? Perhaps, you are looking in all the wrong places. Start a proven process by clicking here.

Career Assessment


Assessments are like tools. They aren't the finished product but they are what you need to build it. You can build or rebuild your career by clicking here.

Career Instruction


Most people haven't had any help in choosing a career, yet about 30% of one's working years will be spent there. To launch or relaunch, click here.

Are You Ready to Take Your First Steps to Improve YOUR CAREER?

Here are some interesting 'Job Satisfaction' statistics...







* Statistics found in Gallup's State of the Global Workplace report as mentioned by Forbes in 2013.


Murray and I have know each other for roughly 10 years, and has counselled me personally and professionally through pivotal life changing events. He has been my #1 for relationship, professional and life balance tools and mentorship. His wisdom, calming character traits and ability to listen with intent has been my savior. By utilizing his tools, and resources, I’ve been able to reposition myself professionally 180 degrees positive. His knowledge, experience and humble personality has changed my preceptions and outlook, and, he can do just the same for you too.

Ashley Gadd

Prime Mistress of Design, Buy Gitomer Inc.

Career Assessment with Murray helped me focus on what makes me successful. With professional conviction and his extensive experience of understanding people, he counseled me on my character traits, employment experiences, and then use this knowledge for my next opportunity. His ability to challenge "Who I Am" allowed me to focus on what I must do to achieve my goals. Working with Murray will be one of the most important steps in developing your career, feeling more confident about who you are and most importantly, allowing you to see your future with clarity.

Dean Powell

Human Resources Professional

One of the things I appreciate most about Murray is his transparency in sharing his own life story with others. By doing this, he really shows that he cares about your career journey because he's lived the ups and downs of his own career paths. Through his knowledge and guidance, Murray did wonders to help me understand how I'm wired and what careers work best for my personality. I now have a better understanding of what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to move forward in my career choices.

Ursula Comeau

Technical Instructor & Web Designer, Mitel & UC Web Creations

Are You Ready to Take Your First Steps to Improve YOUR CAREER?

Murray Comber

Founder of CareerFitForYou
Career Consultant since 2001
Well Trained & Assessment Based
Ready to Help You Explore Your Career Possibilities

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